Month: June 2011


The Center For An Urban Future has released an interesting report on the importance of design services to the New York City economy. Some of their stats are a little weak (they compare the total people employed in design and total number of firms in NYC, LA, Chicago and other cities, where per-capita numbers would be more …

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Nat Tocci

Mr. Nat Tocci joined Old Structures Engineering in 2011 as an Associate. Nat is an accomplished engineer specializing in the analysis and design of complex structures. He has extensive experience with the design of high rise buildings, hotels, schools, renovations, and the evaluation of existing structures. His past projects include numerous notable structures in NYC …

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Part of being structural engineers who work on buildings is the knowledge that our work is almost never directly visible. It’s indirectly visible in buildings that stand up, and in the architectural manifestations of alterations, but that’s not the same thing. Sometimes our work is not visible even while it’s in progress:

New Technology

We’ve recently started using iPads as field tools for data capture. In other words, the field notebooks and clipboards that we’ve always used to record conditions on site are being replaced by the ability to draw electronically and mark up PDFs of drawings on the iPad. For drawing, we’re using Penultimate and Sketchbook. For red-lining PDFs we’re using GoodReader. …

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Historic Structural Detail 2

Even when dealing with large and unsubtle structure, small details often provide important information. The picture below shows the underside of a floor in a loft building constructed in the 1920s. (Some tenant decided that dark gray paint would look nice.) Given that New York is full of concrete-encased steel floor beams, the question comes …

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