Month: July 2011

Special Inspection

We find ourselves explaining “Special Inspection” on a regular basis, and more specifically, why we are not currently performing that work. What is now called Special Inspection (and was formerly called Controlled Inspection in New York City) is not inspection of buildings, a service that we perform every day. It is the inspection of various …

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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is a problem in everyday life and in most professions, so it’s no surprise that it can be a problem during building investigation. People looking at buildings can be biased to prefer modern structure to old (the “it’s old junk” syndrome) or to prefer old structure to new (the “they don’t build ’em …

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Failure Portrait 2

Sometimes there are so many things going wrong that it’s hard to in down which is the most disturbing. Here, the cast-stone trim the pigeons are standing on is moving and there are some long vertical cracks that need a closer look, but the show-stopper is the rust-jacking at the lintels. The bulges over the …

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