Month: April 2016

Not Just Structure: Hanging Incidentals

Mona took a picture of a random, minor detail that is stranger than most of the work-related details we see. That’s a bunch of baskets hung just below the ceiling from ropes on pulleys. Apparently this was a locker room without lockers: people would put their belongings in a basket, pull the rope to raise …

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Reputation Versus Reality

We all tend to simplify. When we talk about SoHo architecture, there’s an unstated assumption that we’re talking about cast-iron. The SoHo historic district is the biggest collection of cast-iron facades in the world, true, but that’s not all that’s there. That’s the corner of Spring and Wooster, in the heart of SoHo and there’s not …

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Fixing, Not Replacing

Our practice occupies a slightly strange position in the world of design and construction. As I’ve discussed, we work towards saving old buildings because we believe that saving old buildings is worthwhile not for some nebulous ideal of preservation but because reuse saves energy and materials, and saves the cultural associations of the existing built …

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When Is A Crack Stable?

When is a crack stable? Gathering data over time allows an engineer to make a judgement about when a crack is worsening, or if it is stable. Believe it or not, the attached output from an electronic crack gage are readings of a stable crack. The gages were installed in a Federal period building in …

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