Month: June 2016


Know any blacksmiths? There’s a job opening right now with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. This might sound like a joke* but it’s serious. Blacksmiths shape iron and steel in complex three-dimensional configurations that are not easily achievable using other methods. The introduction of CAD/CAM cutters allows for extremely complex and …

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Engineering Rainwater

New York City has combined sewers mostly because when our sewer system was started in the mid-1800s, no one had yet come up with a reason to separate clean water and “black water.” This occasionally causes trouble during heavy rains, when a literal flood of water can overwhelm the sewers. New buildings are designed to temporarily …

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On The Receiving End

Design in general is about finding ways to meet multiple goals with limited resources. As a structural engineer I have to think about material properties and performance, code requirements for stress and deflection, construction logistics, and the relative costs of different solutions, among other issues. Architects have it worse*, because they have to worry about …

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