Month: July 2016

SAHC and Don

My paper at the SAHC conference concerns a broader and vaguer topic than Marieta’s. Thorough analysis of an old building can give reasonably precise guidance about load capacity, but what do we do for a fast answer? In other words, engineering analysis and design is often iterative and how do we get a rough idea of …

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SAHC and Marieta

Six weeks from now, the tenth international conference on the Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions will take place in Leuven, Belgium. This is a conference devoted solely to the structural engineering aspects of conservation. I’ve both enjoyed and learned from the four previous conferences I’ve attended, including two years ago in Mexico City when Gabi …

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The 1916 Zoning Law

It’s the hundredth anniversary of New York’s first real zoning law and there have been some good write-ups, for example in the Times and on Curbed. David Dunlap’s article in the Times is absolutely right that the typical story of the zoning law is oversimplified, but I want to take that idea in a different …

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New York and Energy

The short version of energy use in New York City is a bit confused: lighting buildings at night and air-conditioning everything in sight seems wasteful, while the apartment- and transit-heavy nature of the city saves a lot of energy over the more typical American pattern of single-family homes and car transport. The long version is …

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