Month: November 2016

Historic Structural Detail: Customized

Even at its peak of popularity, cast iron was known to have problems. People used it so extensively 130, 140 years ago because it was the strongest material they had and because they could do so much with it, even with its flaws. One of the advantages of cast iron is in its name: casting. …

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Filing and Recycling

Not our office: I’ve talked about the B Corp idea and how recycling fits into it. And I’ve talked about the replacement of paper with PDFs. And I’ve talked, amazingly enough, about filing systems. It’s time to combine those topics…or in other words, regrind my axe. We’ll be moving our office shortly – all of …

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Subways and Buildings

Construction of the original IRT subway at the Brooklyn Bridge station, 1904: Construction of the BMT*** main line, Broadway and 38th Street between 1913 and 1915: As those photos show, a lot of early* subway construction in New York was built using the cut-and-cover method, where a street is excavated, tunnel structures built in the hole, …

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