Month: March 2017

Incompatibility: Rooftops

Sometimes the incompatibilities we deal with are not inherent in the physical material of the buildings but are the result of multiple conflicting regulations. A good example of this is found at roof tops of landmarked buildings. There are three regulations that I’m concerned with, all of which make perfect sense on their own but …

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Misleading Intuition

In a recent conversation with an old friend who is simultaneously interested in and baffled by building engineering, I decided that the success of modern building technology has hidden itself. It’s ubiquitous, so no one thinks about it, so no one understands it. The picture above is the old New York Times building under construction in …

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What Do We Do All Day?

George W. Melville, Chief Engineer of the United States Navy Bureau of Engineering, in the 1890s. A serious man with a serious hat. We’re fairly busy right now. Also, we have two part-time student interns learning the basics. When you combine those two facts, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how we all …

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Where Do Skyscrapers Come From?

The World Building on Park Row. The Skyscraper Museum has put up the videos of the symposium three weeks ago. In layman’s terms, my mug is all over them…I mean to say that there’s some good stuff here. In video one, Carol Willis explains the context and all of the speakers throw in a few …

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