Month: April 2017

It’s Good To Stretch

The Williamsburg Bridge under construction, looking better than it’s ever looked completed, below. The venue for yesterday’s event was not far away. I spent yesterday at the Future of Design NYC conference organized by IABSE. Interesting stuff, although mostly very far from my everyday work.* But that’s okay. * There was one mention of building …

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A Catcher In The Concrete

During window replacement in my apartment, the gadget above was used to provide an anchor point for safety lines for the workers leaning out the unguarded window opening during removal and installation. The piece of wall to the left (behind the fridge) and right are parts of an internal concrete shear wall and provide solid anchorage; …

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In The Details

God is in the details – Mies van der Rohe The Devil is in the details – Anonymous A topic that I find interesting in general, and critical professionally, is how engineers make decisions with incomplete information. This comes up in all types of engineering design discussion, from our alteration and repair niche to oil-rig design, …

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Proof Of Concept, 530 Years Late

In the 1480s, Leonardo Da Vinci sketched a wood arch bridge without fasteners. Basically, it’s a bunch of logs held together by gravity and geometry. Each of the main logs – the new that are part of the two arches on each face – is loaded in the middle by a cross log (that connects the …

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