Month: May 2017

Office Processes As Technology

I’ve talked before about the changes in office technology during just the period covered by my career – thirty years, so far – but I was recently reminded that the edges of “technology” blur imperceptibly into the surrounding social context. The internal operations of any office (I’ll use ours as an example) are a set …

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Tracing the Past

There’s a great article up at Curbed making the type of connection between past and present that I’ve tried to do here: A Walking Tour of 1767 New York. It even discusses looking for Temple Street, which briefly occupied my attention.  Physical remnants of New York’s colonial history are frustratingly difficult to find because of the …

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Medieval Silliness

Central Park’s Belvedere Castle is intentionally modeled on English garden follies. Those follies were modeled on real abandoned castles, so Belvedere is therefore two removes from actual castles. That didn’t stop the Metropolitan Museum of Art from using it as the backdrop for a simulated knight fight in 1924. The terrace at Belvedere can be …

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