Month: June 2017

The Hedgehog And The Fox Debate Practice

The oldest version of the saying is from Archilochus: The fox knows many things; the hedgehog one big thing. It shows up in Aesop and was more recently used as the based of an essay by Isaiah Berlin. If we strip away various morals that have been found in that one sentence, it is a comparison of …

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Adolf Loos’s entry for the Chicago Tribune competition, from The international competition for a new administration building for the Chicago Tribune, MCMXXII: The architects at Hollwich Kushner have engaged in a fascinating exercise: reimagining existing buildings as if they were designed today. The article makes a mention of code and zoning changes but the real issue here …

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Vermiform Squared Off

If you have good eyesight, or if you click on the picture above to expand it, you’ll see three odd appendages running up the side of the building. They’re maybe two feet square in plan and go from about the fifth floor level all the way to the top. The two that flank the narrow …

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Peeking Through

Infrastructure is to us as the ocean is to fish: it’s everywhere around us, and we depend on it completely, but we usually don’t see it even when we’re looking at it. Sometimes it shows up as oddities that require explanation; sometimes it shows up as windowless buildings. The cute corporate-art-deco structures in the two …

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