Month: July 2017

Drawing Pulled In Two Directions

I found this to be an interesting article on the use of iPads in creating and working with drawings. We use iPads pretty heavily for field survey work – taking notes on PDFs of drawings, taking notes in general, creating annotated photos – but have not got very far into using them as drawing tools. …

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Dress Like An Architect

A semi-serious discussion of fashion clichés among architects: here. I’m not going to poke fun, since the stereotypes of engineers’ clothing are far worse. The fellow up top is George Melville, Chief Engineer of the United States Navy Bureau of Engineering, whose magnificent beard and top hat were featured here once before. In the way of …

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Difficult Choices

This is an excellent article in Urban Omnibus on a really knotty problem in East New York. It’s one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city and doesn’t have a lot of distinguished architecture because it was never richer than working class. The few buildings worthy of note, like Our Lady of Loreto Church in the …

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