Month: September 2017

Planning For Future Floods

The South Ferry subway station after Hurricane Sandy, courtesy of the MTA: Here’s a good article on infrastructure improvement, specifically on repairs to mitigate future disasters: 6 rules for rebuilding infrastructure in an era of ‘unprecedented’ weather events. The third rule, “Design for climate change” jumped out at me as it’s something we see every time we …

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Jack Arches Are Arching Action

That’s my artistic photo of two windows in an 1880s building in upstate New York with jack-arch heads. The term “jack arch” is variously defined but usually means a flat or low-curvature segmental arch. There’s a fanciful story that the name comes from the resemblance of the arch to the hats that the jacks in …

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Patterns of Damage

João Carlos Souza has a primer up on ArchiNet on how to identify problems in concrete buildings based on crack patterns. Putting aside some bad translation from Portuguese to English* it’s quite good and can help identify damage when used as intended. Mr. Souza does not explicitly state the assumptions that went into his visual …

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Not Amenable To Easy Analysis

Not our project: While discussing a project recently with our client, it became clear that part of our work was going to require arch analysis of a masonry lintel. (The project is a bit sensitive, so I’m going to be vague about the specifics of the location and owner, which fortunately does not require being …

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A Rebus From 135 Years Ago

The engineering magazine ENR used to be called the Engineering News-Record. It was created in 1917 by the merger of two long-time rivals, the Engineering News and the Engineering Record. The Engineering Record went through a series of names early in its history, as it absorbed some other small magazines and searched for an audience. …

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