Month: November 2017

Everything In A City Is Manmade – Even The Water

Continuing with yesterday’s theme… New York is located on two medium-sized islands (Manhattan and Staten Island), a portion of a large island (Brooklyn and Queens are the west end of Long Island), a piece of mainland (the Bronx) and a whole bunch of small islands in the surrounding waterways. Those waterways include small streams (e.g., …

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Everything In A City Is Manmade

Another great article from Karrie Jacobs, this one on Prospect Park: here. I’m not even going to attempt to summarize it. You should read it because it’s a fascinating look at how parks in New York have developed over the last 150 years. Jacobs’s painstaking descriptions of the work that went into the creation of …

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The Meaning of Failure

Trigger warning: The blog post below includes discussion of death in building failures. Definitions of structural engineering tend to be positive, as they should be. Safely and economically designing structures…that sort of thing. Engineers are, amazingly enough, human and prefer to think about success rather than failures. I’ve been working on a paper for the …

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Schematic Design

More mining of the NYPL’s digital archive…this one is from an article in Progressive Architecture on the Chrysler Building, showing the evolution of the spire/dome in early design. There are changes up and down the building, but the most dramatic ones are at the top. Had the first design on the far left been built, …

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