Month: January 2018

Response to a Manifesto

Old Structures is an engineering firm, not an architecture firm; our technical employees are all engineers. That said, we work with architects every day and the two professions are closely related and to some degree mirror images of each other. The Architecture Lobby Manifesto therefore resonates a great deal with me. The text at the …

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Physical Reality Governs

Structural engineering is pretty much the reverse of the high-tech virtual world that is hyped in the press as “technology.” Whatever computerized tools we use in design, our work is grounded, literally, in the physical world and its constraints. This article and its linked source are fascinating in the way they reveal the lack of …

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Rowhouses and The Problem of Categorization

A fascinating article by Neil Freeman at the Urban Omnibus on rowhouses: How Many Rowhouses Are There in New York City? The short answer is 217,000 if you agree with the author’s selection criteria. As Mr. Freeman points out, that’s more than a quarter of the residential buildings in the city but only about 12 percent …

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