Month: February 2018

Different Issues Physically Close To One Another

Everyone sees the hole in the beam web, right? I mean, the rust ate straight through the web, creating that big irregular hole on the right. It would be rude to not acknowledge all that hard work on the part of oxidation. The brick covering the beam has been removed and there’s the hole for …

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Building Nature

Yesterday’s post about the possibility of creating a park in the New Jersey Meadowlands didn’t touch on an interesting aspect of the proposed park: little of it would be built by people. Instead the park would be made by removing built structures and letting nature have its way. It’s easy to forget that most urban …

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Adaptation as a Strategy

This article by Karrie Jacobs – What if New Jersey’s Meadowlands were a national park? – speaks for itself,  but I thought I might add a little context for people unfamiliar with the geography. People have heard of “the meadowlands” because of a football stadium located there but don’t necessarily understand what it is. Most of …

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