Month: March 2018

Maybe It’s Okay

Almost anything taken to an extreme is bad. If we say every building is worthy of preservation, then we condemn the centers of our cities to obsolescence as all development is forced elsewhere; if we say nothing is, then we lose the physical presence of our past. This is not a particularly deep thought, but …

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Visually Identical

Same building as yesterday, this time we’re in the basement. There’s no cellar below, so I was standing on a slab on grade when I took the picture. The centerline columns end in rather large brackets. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.) There are plates riveted to the column flanges, and the plates are …

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Different Logic For Different Elements

Those are two views of the same rather boring industrial building in the Bronx, built in the first half of the twentieth century. The exterior walls are solid brick, with a reasonably nice hard-burned face brick as the outer wythe; the floors are very heavy wood joists supporting a wood plank subfloor. It’s a long, …

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