Month: May 2018

Differentiating Through Failure

That’s the slightly-rusted bottom flange of an old I-beam, surrounded by more or less modern concrete that replaced the original brick vault floor. The end of the beam is a bit rusted – not severely, not necessarily enough to require repair – but enough to show that it’s wrought iron. One of the questions that …

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Today is Manhattanhenge, the twice-per-year event when Manhattan’s tilted-at-29-degrees-east-of-true-north grid happens to line up with sunset, so that the sun goes down in line with the facade walls on the side streets. It’s meaningless but pretty. The picture above is 42nd Street, which is one of the wide, two-way crosstown streets; the effect is even …

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A Different View Of The World

So I was getting a hamburger and decided to sit in the solarium… In case it’s hard to read the photo, the restaurant extends past the facade of the old tenement building it’s housed in. The bulk of the space is the old indoor commercial space, and the extension outward has a skylight/curtain wall that …

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