Month: October 2018


The Atlantic ran a photo essay on libraries: here. Pretty pictures, of course, but interesting in terms of what it says about the way libraries function. There are two types of libraries in the essay: very large research institutions and small local reading and book-lending rooms. The small libraries – Liyuan (photos 4 and 5), Qinhuangdao (photos …

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Visualizing a Boom

The New York Department of Buildings has mapped the biggest current permits: new buildings, and Alteration Type 1s (alterations that include changes to occupancy) that include expansion: here. To put that in perspective, there are approximately a million buildings in the city, so the 7178 open major permits represent a little under one percent of …

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On “The Archivists of Extinction”

Surely there’s a word for the critique of a critique? In any case, the following is my commentary on Kate Wagner’s “The Archivists of Extinction,” published in The Baffler. Her article is long and contains a lot of interesting ideas, so I’m only going to focus on the one that interests me the most, which …

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A Peek Into The Past

  The Library of Congress has a created a new online collection called the National Screening Room. A lot of the material was there before, but it’s now been organized so you can go strolling through movies of the past; public domain items can be downloaded, others can be watched. The short clip above is …

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