Month: March 2019

Around The Edges

Nathan Kensinger’s article in Curbed, “Brooklyn’s most endangered buildings” is depressingly familiar. There are similar articles and watchlists and demo lists every year. Typically some of the buildings are saved and some are lost. Looking at this list, a pattern jumped out at me. None of the structures in question (they’re not all buildings) are …

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Like They Used To

The phrase “they don’t build them like they used to” is always good for some laughs. There are certainly differences between past and current practice, but there is no consistency in terms of quality. Some things in the past are better than their current-day counterparts (the quality of ornamental brickwork, for example) and some are …

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Structure As Ornament Fails Twice

The subway station at 72nd Street and Broadway is part of the original IRT line of 1904, and has a beautiful miniature head house as its original entrance. That entrance, along with the too-narrow platforms and way-too-narrow stairs meant that this station was crowded for decades. Around 2000, a plan was developed to slightly ease …

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