The Thrill Of Reality

After a lot of discussion, I’ve brought the story of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava up to date. Steel erection started not long ago, and the new roof trusses are in place. The current work is the roof enclosure – the steel deck that is the actual roof supported on the trusses – and the sanctuary floor will come next. The general contractor, G.P.J. O’Donoghue Contracting, and the steel contractor, Feinstein Iron Works, have done a great job turning our design into physical reality. After a week of long blog posts on the topic, here are some pictures of the work:

Portions of the new trusses sitting on the ground, before being lifted by the crane on the far right.
The first steel in place. This bracket is part of the pseudo-hammerbeam configuration of the trusses.
Two brackets in place.
The roof frame nearly complete, seen from the east.
The roof frame nearly complete and the roof decking being installed, from the west.
Looking south. I’m standing on the temporary work platform, high above the sanctuary floor.
Looking north, towards the arch that separates the nave from the apse.
A ridiculous artsy photo. If you look closely, I accidentally captured a helicopter high above, freezing the rotor in the picture.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this project in the future.

Monday: Old repairs.

Tuesday: Some history of the building.

Wednesday: Temporary conditions.

Yesterday: Analysis.

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