…And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

I’ve been posting the Construction History series while New York is on PAUSE, in part because without site visits I have a lot fewer photos that are new and interesting, and in part to keep things light. We’re continuing, mostly from home, on design and other work that doesn’t require our presence on site. (As of today, we have one project that meets the “essential” criteria and so has continued in construction.)

It’s worth pointing out that the type of archival research and interpretation that I’ve been doing in the Construction History posts is part of our normal menu of building-investigation services. We look at the historic records of buildings – mostly, but not entirely in New York – to learn what we can about their pasts. In ordinary circumstances, this is usually accompanied by on-site visual observation of conditions, and sometimes by probing so that we can observe hidden conditions. The combination of archival research and visual observation feeds into analysis and discussion of what forms of repair are needed, what forms of alteration are feasible, and how any alteration would differ from work in a modern building.

In short, we can do for your building what I’m doing here in the blog for fun. If you need an examination of your old building, give us a shout at information@oldstructures.nyc.

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