It Looked Familiar: Backwards

Another Batman excerpt, and one that is pretty immediately recognizable: that pediment is the New York Stock Exchange, on the east side of Broad Street just south of Wall Street, and the fluted, square-topped tower is One Wall Street, not quite two short books to the west. Since the NYSE is a low-rise building and One Wall is some 650 feet tall, you can see the tower top over the pediment if you stand to the east. I tried to replicate the drawing:

The angle’s not quite the same, but close. The small ornate tower on the right is a later extension to the NYSE, at the corner of Wall and Broad. To replicate the drawing, it should be on the left. If I flip my photo…

…that looks better. The scaffolding is part of the construction for the ongoing conversion of One Wall from office to residential use.

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