Don Friedman

It Doesn’t Seem So Bad

This photo carries several tags at the Library of Congress website, but the one that caught my eye was “Traffic congestion.” Yes, there’s a fair amount of traffic, but by post-1950 standards that just doesn’t seem so bad. As a matter of fact, it’s better than it looks: the sidewalks at that location (see below) …

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Unintentionally – A Cautionary Tale

The picture above is not the building I’ll be talking about. It was simply the first one I came to in my collection that had bearing masonry arches. The building I’m talking about will remain nameless: it was large, owned by a non-profit institution, and located in upstate New York, and it was demolished some …

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Review Of Movie Engineering: The Avengers (2012)

Again, the ground rules. I’m going to accept all of the basic premises of the movie as given, and not discuss things like inertia on fast turns turning Tony Strark to lumpy jelly inside his armor, or, a topic of many years of debate, why the Hulk’s pants don’t rip off entirely when he transforms. …

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