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It Looks Familiar: Backwards

Another Batman excerpt, and one that is pretty immediately recognizable: that pediment is the New York Stock Exchange, on the east side of Broad Street just south of Wall Street, and the fluted, square-topped tower is One Wall Street, not quite two short books to the west. Since the NYSE is a low-rise building and …

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It Looked Familiar: Like, Two Weeks Ago Familiar

This is a true coincidence. On October 3rd I wrote about the decaying train shed at the Central Railroad of New Jersey terminal in Jersey City. And then a week ago I came across Jersey City’s hometown heroine, Ms. Marvel, entering the building. The roof doesn’t look quite right, but then again the artist was …

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Homage And Disappearance

A lot of people who have never been to New York have heard the name “Five Points.” The neighborhood’s fame faded in the second half of the twentieth century, as bigger and more unsettling slums became famous, but the commercial success of the movie The Gangs of New York – a fictional drama based on …

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An Imbalance In Public Space

Two news items published this Tuesday, on the same website and with the same author, need to be read together. “Report: Less Than Half Of NYC’s Open Streets Are Operational” and “A Radical Plan to Revive Pandemic-Stricken SoHo: Remove Cars,” both on Gothamist and both written by Ben Yakas, both discuss the relationship of cars, space, …

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Another Popular Oddity

That’s the Turn-of-River Bridge in Stamford, Connecticut. (Photo courtesy of Magicpiano.) Putting aside anything I have to say about the structure, that’s a fantastic name for a bridge. It’s (obviously) quite small and has been converted from a road bridge to a footbridge on a trail, but it’s looking okay for a neglected 1893 bridge. …

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