Seeing as how we’re north of 1100 blog posts (as of March 2019), it’s probably too late for a Frequently Asked Questions post, but here it is anyway. This is the blog of Old Structures Engineering. Most of the posts are written by me (Don Friedman) but not all. Topics include pretty much anything touching …

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Another View Of Gotham

Three years ago, I described an exceedingly odd and beautiful school in the Bronx. I caught it from another angle a few weeks ago.

Originally Unexpected And Now Normal

New York subway cars have carried advertising since, I believe, the beginning. Since the early 1990s, some of the ad space has been used for the MTA’s “Poetry in Motion” program, which reprints short poems and excepts of long ones. I’ve been reading them since they first appeared and my anecdotal view is that the …

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Single-Point Perspective

The normal park bench in New York has three supports for slats about six feet long, and can accommodate three strangers, four acquaintances, or five very close friends. For some unknown reason, a number of the benches along the river promenade in Battery Park City are much longer.


I showed a close-up of the Tuckahoe marble of Federal Hall once. This photo is a slightly larger angle, to give a sense of the masonry of this building. The stone over the filled-in window is over eight feet long, over two feet high, and (based on what I know about the building’s construction from …

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Iconic For A Bit Longer

Before I wrote this post about the New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows, I did a fast search of how many times I’ve talked here about Flushing. The answer is “a lot.” I talked about the Pavilion over two years ago, and about the feeling of being in Queens, and the Pavilion’s inclusion on …

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