All In Where You Look

The combination of a rectangular grid of relatively narrow streets and tall buildings produces some weird effects. For example, it’s much easier to see what’s around you from a distance than from up close. The picture above is East 33rd Street. A bunch of loft buildings of various types, right? Look up a bit… Hey! …

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Rowhouses and Repetition

When I was discussing rowhouses a week ago, I mentioned in passing that I think of rows of houses that are absolutely identical as being “London style” rowhouses. The picture above shows a mild example: the row of eight houses on the left have been modified a bit (and apparently, based on changes in brick …

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Something Actually New

That very nice example of Neo-classic architecture is the headhouse of the old Curzon Street station in Birmingham. It was in railroad use for 128 years starting in 1838, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was some kind of record for longevity among railroad buildings. Originally, it was the front of a dead-end station …

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