A Difficult Tragedy To Discuss

Yesterday, I wrote about the effects of delayed maintenance on small and relatively poor religious institutions with historic buildings. Today, I want to look at the other end of the spectrum: the recent fire at Notre Dame de Paris. Marie’s comments from April are still true, as I suspect they always will be. I recently …

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Difficult Buildings To Discuss

“For Churches, a Temptation to Sell” by C. J. Hughes is a good overview of the issues involved with old religious buildings and preservation. The specifics in the article are related to the real estate pressures in New York, but the general themes are applicable far more broadly. In short, there are a group of …

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Seems To Be A Theme

Three articles from the last five days seem to be pointing in a single direction. “Who’s afraid of the pedestrian mall?” by Alexandra Lange, “Study Of Old Rockaway Rail Line’s Revival Back On Track” by Jose Martinez, and “It’s time to ban cars from Manhattan” by James Nevius all discuss different aspects of the problem …

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