Best for NYC: Other Stories

B Corps are all sorts of companies. We are a professional service firm – as the saying goes, engineers don’t create buildings, we create paper about buildings – but many of the other B Corps are in production or industry. The New York City Department of Small Business Services tells a great story here about Valente …

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Best for NYC: Best Practices

Part of the general idea of both the Best for NYC Challenge [link] and B Corp certification is to be inclusive whenever possible. We look to do business with like-minded service providers, whether or not they are B Corps, because actions matter far more than certification. So, for example, we do our banking with a small* …

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Best for NYC: Other Companies

I mentioned in an earlier Best for NYC Challenge post that products related to school kids appeal to me on a personal level. In that spirit, I’d like to recognize Green ABCs, which provides environment-friendly school supplies.

Best for NYC: Other Voices

There’s no reason to read just what I’m saying on the topic of the Best for NYC challenge. You can read comments from the EDC, the official Best for NYC feed, and other B Corps here.

Best for NYC: Best Practices, Serendipity

In today’s Best for NYC Challenge post, a coincidence. Just as I was discussing why historic preservation matters as a way of conserving resources, I was sent an article where two preservation architects make the same case in detail. I am fortunate to know Jean Carroon, and I know that this article is not a one-off but rather …

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