A Change of Pace: New Buildings

It’s overly cute for my taste, but this New York Times article on recent buildings in the city has a lot to recommend it. Most importantly, while New York is and probably always will be a vertical city, some of the most notable new buildings are low-rise. My personal theory – I have no proof, …

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Is it okay to move your neighbor’s building?

This post is not about how people move structures, like the Hamilton Grange or Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, fascinating stuff. This post is about something that is occurring more frequently in New York City than in the past, it is unintended, and is directly related to the construction boom going on recently in the city. Although …

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The Feel Of It

The APT conference this year, for the first time, had an engineering competition. Unlike engineer-society bridge competitions, this one had a historical component: the students’ bridges were supposed to represent the technology of the nineteenth century, in addition to being tested and measured for their load-carrying capabilities. Here’s the Carleton University team’s bridge (and part …

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