Forgotten Practice Revisited

When I mentioned some of the odd columns designs that used to be allowed, I said that I had seen examples of all of them. As it happens, I saw another example yesterday and it seemed worth discussing. The badly-framed picture above shows a probe at a round concrete column in a circa 1910 industrial …

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Code Splash Effects

Yesterday I talked about the difficulty of fitting a code from one era to a building from another. A bit of creative interpretation may be necessary since some of the governing assumptions of the document may be wrong. The reverse effect can also be true, where a literal reading of current code has a different …

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Woolworth: Bracing

I might as well continue the parallelism between the Singer and Woolworth Buildings that I started yesterday. The Woolworth building has a fairly complicated wind-bracing system, which is in part a reflection of the very different conditions in the top 30 stores (the “tower”) and the bottom 30 stories (“the base.”) The tower is slender …

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