Localizing A General Idea

Kate Wagner‘s piece on the Green New Deal – “A Green New Home” – describes the nationwide effects of potential legislation to reduce pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. I like it, as I do nearly all of her work. But as I read it, I realized that the situation here is a bit different, and …

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Difficult Buildings To Discuss

“For Churches, a Temptation to Sell” by C. J. Hughes is a good overview of the issues involved with old religious buildings and preservation. The specifics in the article are related to the real estate pressures in New York, but the general themes are applicable far more broadly. In short, there are a group of …

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Deliberately Unrepaired

The picture above shows some mildly damaged marble. The largest spot of damage could be a spall from a rusting anchor, but it’s not. The smaller chips and indentations are harder to pin down, as they are a form of damage not usually seen. I took this picture last week, but thanks to some historical …

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