A Design Problem

The Oculus at the World Trade Center has as its signature design element exposed truss work that – to me, anyway – greatly resembles the skeleton of a stegosaurus. Whether or not that design is good aesthetically is not really a topic I want to debate. But there’s a usability issue that I noticed the …

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All In The Context

The archetypical American home is a wood-framed stand-alone house. Despite the growing popularity of apartments, attached townhouses, and other options besides the detached singe-family house, that type still dominates. Using data from the Census Bureau, the estimates are (as of 2017), there are something like 121,560,000 “housing units” in US, of which 76,833,000 are detached, …

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Not The “Top” Ten

It’s that time of year again: the media are going to drown us all in top-ten lists. (There are sometimes top-twenty lists and a few brave writers have created top-hundreds, but the general assumption seems to be that our attention fades after ten items. That’s probably a good bet, as I know mine does.) In …

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Updated Ridiculousness

Tim Michiels was kind enough to point out that the building I discussed with cast-iron sperm-candle columns is landmarked, and therefore should be reused at some point. Good news. On the other hand, the building has been in its current state since at least 2013, when the picture on its Wikipedia page was taken, which …

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