For The Weekend: Vacationish

The New York Times had a nice write-up on the Dry Tortugas, including Fort Jefferson, an old project of ours. It’s arguably the oddest place I’ve ever worked: an abandoned fort on an island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, with limited fresh water and communication. But it’s pretty, in itself and in …

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Historic Non-Structural Detail: Prettifying

This one is really for the native New Yorkers, as the detail in question is related to a quirk in our local history. That’s a picture of the retaining wall at the side of a highway ramp in Brooklyn. (Click to enlarge.) Highway planning and construction in New York bear the indelible stamp of Robert …

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An Unexpected View

I was up on a rooftop in the Bronx yesterday and I saw something interesting: I was looking at a boring building – a 1950s warehouse turned offices – but that art-decoish dome caught my eye. The neighborhood of Crotona Park East is an ordinary residential area and I wasn’t expecting an architectural refugee from …

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The 1916 Zoning Law

It’s the hundredth anniversary of New York’s first real zoning law and there have been some good write-ups, for example in the Times and on Curbed. David Dunlap’s article in the Times is absolutely right that the typical story of the zoning law is oversimplified, but I want to take that idea in a different …

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