It Looked Familiar: Not Quite Believable

The picture above is from a graphic novel called Noir Burlesque, a gangster story set in New York around 1950. The Hotel Astor on the left, facing Times Square, is famous, and we’ve got a glimpse of one of the towers of Rockefeller Center on the far right, but what is that weirdness covering the …

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Happy Holidays

A seasonal picture, although snow is nowhere in sight so far this winter. In the lower right is the title “Christmas Eve” in faint lettering, and below that, very small, “Copyright 1898 by J. Hoover & Son, Philad’a”. So it’s commercial art, although I doubt that matters.

The Medium and the Message

75 Broad Street, diagonally across the street form our office, has recently completed a multi-year facade restoration, and the sidewalk bridge along Broad Street has been removed. The building was completed in 1928 as the headquarters for the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, now ITT. The southwest corner of the building, at Broad and South …

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It Looked Familiar: Of Its Time

I spend some time here with old photos looking for clues to dates. In this case, it’s an old Thor comic. Assuming that Walter Simonson drew that aerial view of lower Manhattan from a photograph, rather than scribbling really fast while flying past in a plane, when was the photo taken? The big gray area …

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