It Looks Familiar: Backwards

Another Batman excerpt, and one that is pretty immediately recognizable: that pediment is the New York Stock Exchange, on the east side of Broad Street just south of Wall Street, and the fluted, square-topped tower is One Wall Street, not quite two short books to the west. Since the NYSE is a low-rise building and …

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It Looked Familiar: Like, Two Weeks Ago Familiar

This is a true coincidence. On October 3rd I wrote about the decaying train shed at the Central Railroad of New Jersey terminal in Jersey City. And then a week ago I came across Jersey City’s hometown heroine, Ms. Marvel, entering the building. The roof doesn’t look quite right, but then again the artist was …

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It Looked Familiar: Back Again

One of the earlier comparisons I made between comics and reality was the appearance of the front entrance to the Tombs in a Daredevil comic. We’re back at the same location, with Clint Barton (not dressed in his Hawkeye costume) leaving in a bad mood. Here’s reality, with a temporary wheelchair ramp: Note that the …

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It Looked Familiar: Triangulation

The caption on the top line adds the confusion of DC Comics starting to use real place names: if this part of a Batman comic is taking place in New York, what is Gotham City? In any case, in the main frame here there ae two reasonably-well known buildings: the building on the far left …

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It Looked Familiar: Very Familiar

Most of these have been little snippets of the NYC landscape that are only recognizable if you know the area. Today’s, not so much. Above, Ex-Commissioner Gordon walks to and over the Brooklyn Bridge. Below, he drives over it in Batman’s car. The upper right drawing, showing the elevated walkway, might not be instantly recognizable …

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