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The Structure of Skyscrapers started shipping a couple of weeks ago. So if you order it (from here), you can fast gratification for your reading needs. I’ll be taking part on a roundtable discussion about the book and the general topic of skyscraper history on November 18, 2020, with David Fixler, Theo Prudon, and Rachel …

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“Tower” Versus “Skyscraper”

One of the stranger aspects of researching and writing about old skyscrapers is that the word “skyscraper” doesn’t really have a meaning. Or rather it has dozens of meanings and a lot of people assume that the one they have in mind must be the correct one. You can usually say what is not a …

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The Structure of Skyscrapers

I’ve talked about my skyscraper research a few times, and the finale is here: the book will be published in the next few weeks: The Structure of Skyscrapers in America, 1871–1900: Their History and Preservation. This post will stay at the top of the blog list for a while. As I previously mentioned, I will …

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The Thrill Of Reality

After a lot of discussion, I’ve brought the story of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava up to date. Steel erection started not long ago, and the new roof trusses are in place. The current work is the roof enclosure – the steel deck that is the actual roof supported on the trusses – …

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