A New Generation

As seen from a scaffold at Fifth Avenue and 70th Street, the extreme slenderness of the new super-talls really does set them apart from older skyscrapers.

Boring Pictures

Nice article from Gothamist on the use of boring machines for tunneling, and NYC’s water supply.

Oddball Variations

Anything that people do, they find ways to do differently. So for anything human-made we have, we have variations of it. Sometimes those variations are harmless and provide entertaining debate – the designated hitter rule being used in the American League but not in the National League comes to mind – and sometimes they are …

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The Last Stripe

One of the Hudson Yards buildings, viewed from about half a mile away, past some 1960s apartment houses. The construction elevator that was outside of the south facade is coming down, one story at a time, and being replaced by the pieces of curtain wall that were left out in that area. So what we …

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Reuse as a Theme

I have a tendency to repeat several messages that I think are important, and I fear that after a while, the repetition may hide or blur the message. But because the messages are important, they’re worth repeating [recent on carbon], so here we go again… The American Institute of Architects recently published a report on …

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