A Provocative Headline And A Real Issue

The first thing that came to mind when I read “A New Idea in Architecture? No New Buildings” by Thomas de Monchaux was that writers for periodicals, whether published on paper or the web, don’t usually choose their own headlines, so Mr. de Monchaux might not be responsible for the somewhat misleading title. He is …

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Indicative Stripes – Etymology and Intent Edition

Doug Korves asked a few good questions about my recent post on the topic of brick evidence of steel-frame damage. Rather than answer them on LinkedIn, where he asked, I’m going to answer them here on the theory that if he’s interested, other people probably are too. Doug’s first question: Could you expound more on …

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This is my last post on F. B. Tower’s 1843 book about the Croton system. The three big aqueducts that provide New York’s water today – known as the “water tunnels” – are quite deep underground. The original Croton aqueduct was not: the engineers basically drew a line of constant slope from the dam on …

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A Bad Metaphor

People have been talking about prefabricated construction of various types for a long time. Depending on the degree of prefabrication you want (see below) the idea has been around for hundreds of years or maybe since the beginning of the 1900s. The picture above, for example, shows prefab (and abandoned) barracks built in the 1950s. …

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