A Building Ghost

We often find remnants of old buildings that had previously been on a site we are working – fragments of old foundations and reused old foundations being the most common – but sometimes you see ghosts of buildings that have been demolished on the site next door. This most commonly happens with old rowhouses where …

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Historic Structural Detail 3, Sort Of

Construction projects are full of changes and this was just as true in the past as it is now. In particular, where different trades’ and/or different designers’ work meets, there is a good chance that the as-built condition to not look like the drawings. Recently we’ve been looking at cornice supports at the building where …

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Special Inspection

We find ourselves explaining “Special Inspection” on a regular basis, and more specifically, why we are not currently performing that work. What is now called Special Inspection (and was formerly called Controlled Inspection in New York City) is not inspection of buildings, a service that we perform every day. It is the inspection of various …

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Part of being structural engineers who work on buildings is the knowledge that our work is almost never directly visible. It’s indirectly visible in buildings that stand up, and in the architectural manifestations of alterations, but that’s not the same thing. Sometimes our work is not visible even while it’s in progress:

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