Architecture Farm and Ponte Morandi

First, if you’re not reading Tom Leslie’s blog, Architecture Farm, you should be. He has a knack for making architectural theory comprehensible even to engineers. Tom and I got to know each other through the Construction History Society of America and, despite the fact that we agree on all the major points, have twice participated …

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Around The Edges

Nathan Kensinger’s article in Curbed, “Brooklyn’s most endangered buildings” is depressingly familiar. There are similar articles and watchlists and demo lists every year. Typically some of the buildings are saved and some are lost. Looking at this list, a pattern jumped out at me. None of the structures in question (they’re not all buildings) are …

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Some More Thoughts On Ruins

I’ve talked before about “ruin porn” and my discomfort with the topic. I recently came across this seven-year-old essay on the topic: “The Unspeakable Pleasure of Ruins” by Rick Poynor. His thesis is that my misgivings are wrong, that there’s nothing wrong photos or other representations of ruins, regardless of the aesthetic intentions of the …

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Easy To Reach

My previous speculation about how the old Tappan Zee Bridge would be demolished was wrong. I had thought that the backarms of the cantilevers would be lifted off their piers and dissembled elsewhere. That was too subtle. The picture above, taken from a train, shows the actual process: one backarm has been dropped from its …

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