The Westminster Street Bridge Was A Bad Idea

I came across the bridge above while looking at “high bridges” two weeks ago. That was the Westminster Street Bridge in Saxtons Falls, Vermont, across Saxtons River, a small tributary of the Connecticut River. The village has a population of under 600, which is small even by Vermont standards, so the bridge is usually referred …

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A Predecessor To The Lime Kiln Bridge, Probably

It seems appropriate to end the “high bridge” topic with something different. Bridges are now “infrastructure.” As such, they are numbered, cataloged, and studied. You don’t have to go very far into the past for that to not be true. In the words of the Vermont Bridges website, “There are probably about 30 known lost …

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High Capacity

I finally took a train from the new and improved Penn Station, and my review of the station is coming soon. Meanwhile… That’s an original column that supports one end of a large roof truss and one bay of mezzanine floor above. It’s a big built-up box, riveted together from plates and angles. It was …

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The Joso High Bridge

This viaduct in southeast Washington state hits an interesting level of obscurity: there’s an article on it the German version of Wikipedia, but not the English version. Fortunately, there’s a HAER survey to provide some photos for today’s High Bridge. This is another steel viaduct with a lot of spans. Really a lot: 55 spans …

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Crooked River, Straight Bridge

Nothing helps a bridge, especially a High Bridge, like a picturesque setting. The 1926 Crooked River High Bridge, over the Crooked River gorge in Oregon, has about as dramatic a backdrop as you can get. It’s not exactly the untamed wilderness – this is a major road between Bend and Portland – but it’s relatively …

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