Analyzed For The First Time

In 2017, Old Structures began work on the engineering portion of the restoration of the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava. The design team is headed by Don Zivkovic and Brian Connelly of Zivkovic Connelly Architects; Shaquana Lovell from OSE performed most of the structural design. The first step of any project is to figure …

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The Spectrum From Unpopular To Obsolete

The new West Thames Street Bridge is, in terms of design, something of an oddity. It’s a lenticular truss, and that’s a design that was never very common and hasn’t been used much in something over 100 years. I have no idea why the designers – WYX Architecture and Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers – choose this form, …

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The Ratio of Logistics to Design

Most importantly: this is not a project I am connected to in any way professionally. I simply walk by the site every single day, so I’ve taken an interest. West Street is effectively a highway. It has traffic lights, but it’s a major thoroughfare for long-distance travel and it’s an enormous pain for pedestrians to …

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Detailing, 160 Years Ago

That is the Hamden Bridge over the Raritan River in southish, western New Jersey. It was built in 1858 and is, unfortunately, gone since 1978. By modern standards it was quite small and to our eyes looks almost cute, but it represented a turning point in structural engineering in the US. Rational analysis of trusses …

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Modeling and Understanding, Part 6 and the End For Now

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5 give the context. Engineers create models. So do architects, economists, sociologists, physicists, biologists, and sculptors, among others. What makes our models special? Not every single structural engineering problem is life and death, but a large percentage of them carry the possibility of catastrophic failure if dealt with improperly. …

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