Form Follows Engineering Function

I happened to catch the Disney Magic* sailing down the Hudson and out of New York earlier this week, apparently on a cruise to St. John, New Brunswick.** Since I put up a photo of RMS Titanic not long ago, it’s interesting to compare the two in terms of their design as machines. Actually, not …

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Other People’s Cleverness

I like to look at solutions that other engineers have used on problems similar to the ones I face. Not just engineers: builders and architects often suggest ideas that are worth thinking about. If I don’t like their solutions, I’m no worse off than I was before; if I like them then I can use …

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A Little Decoration

The Queensboro Bridge is not known for its delicacy. It’s the only cantilever truss among New York City’s major bridges, and as such it looks very heavy compared to our suspension bridges. To this day, the best line about its appearance comes from Henry Hornbostel, the architect who was brought in to help with the …

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