A New Generation

As seen from a scaffold at Fifth Avenue and 70th Street, the extreme slenderness of the new super-talls really does set them apart from older skyscrapers.


I have occasionally talked about the tools we use in our work, but it’s been a while and I felt the need to discuss our latest piece of office equipment. It’s a meter-long stick. More specifically, a selfie stick. So it’s a bluetooth-enabled stick. When I first started doing field work, way back in the …

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Shuttle, Yo-yo, Leftover

There are a lot of strange dead ends on the New York subway system. Some are places where expansions were planned and never happened, some are where the expansions took place differently than planned, some are where old passages were closed off. A few are active, and daily use tends to mask their strangeness. The …

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It’s one thing to say that the George Washington Bridge carries the most vehicles of any bridge in the world, but it’s another to actually look at what that means. It’s a big bridge – the longest main span in the world for a few years until the Golden Gate Bridge was completed, and with …

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Reuse as a Theme

I have a tendency to repeat several messages that I think are important, and I fear that after a while, the repetition may hide or blur the message. But because the messages are important, they’re worth repeating [recent on carbon], so here we go again… The American Institute of Architects recently published a report on …

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