A Straight Line

I talked yesterday about elegant designs versus kludges; here’s an example of what I consider to be an elegant design from the same era as the elevated trains’ third tracking. The Detroit Publishing Company’s title for the 1905 photo above is “Where the subway is an elevated, New York City” and that’s spot on. This …

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I’ve got questions about the 1899 Amory-Bigbee Bridge over the Tombigbee River in Mississippi that will likely never be answered. This is, to date, the demolished bridge presented here that I most wish still existed. It was demolished around 1960, after a new bridge was constructed nearby, and the brief description in a HAER report …

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I’m a structural engineer working primarily in buildings and our office is a group of structural engineers who work primarily on buildings. Out of some 4000 projects in our records, there are about six bridges and they’re all quite small. (There’s also one dam, but that’s a long story in itself.) This is not a …

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I feel some pressure to find steadily more extreme examples of structure. Now that I’ve transitioned from stocky trusses to slender ones, what can come next but the spindly example seen above? (Off the main topic, but note the two men standing on the lower chord of the truss and waving, below the second and …

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