Construction History: Summer At The Beach, Part 1

Since the full heat of summer is now here, and we’re in the traditionally slow week heading into the July 4th holiday, I’m going to spend some time looking, with an engineering perspective of course, at some of the strangeness constructed along the beaches. Not this kind of strangeness, though: No one was going to …

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Construction History: Splitting Up

If you read the wikipedia article linked in yesterday’s blog post, you may have seen an interesting detail: George Post‘s academic career ended with a degree in civil engineering. It’s not that odd: since academic training in engineering and architecture first became available in the US, there have been people with engineering degrees working as …

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116 Years And It’s Not Enough

People’s responses to tragedy move at their own pace. When I was studying history in grad school I took a course on how memory becomes history, about the process of converting people’s personal memories and current-day news accounts into a historical record. My term paper compared the historical arc of several tragic events, including 9-11, …

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