Natural, Artificial, and In-Between

The Hudson River Valley is a beautiful natural landscape. That doesn’t mean that people haven’t altered it, for worse and maybe for better. “In the Hudson’s Image” by Jeanne Haffner looks at some of the ways that people have changed the river and how we see it, including channelizing by the Army Corps of Engineers, …

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Different Shades of Green

I came across the carbon-emission maps at CoolClimate.org by accident yesterday, from a mention in Kate Wagner’s twitter feed. Ms. Wagner is best known for McMansion Hell, but has been branching out into other architectural and urbanism critique. The maps are fascinating for what they have to say about our assumptions and actually addressing carbon …

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Modeling and Understanding, Part 1

Like most people, engineers work best when we’re bouncing ideas off each other. I’m sure there are examples of great engineers who work in isolation, I just don’t know any of them. This rather banal observation is the introduction to a few posts* I’m going to write on the topic of how I use engineering …

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