Maybe Not So Dumb

Maybe twenty years ago or so, there was a vogue for putting plastic owls on roof tops and bulkheads. This is one we found inside a building we’re working on. The idea was that owls scare pigeons and therefore the plastic bird would keep the real ones from nesting on your building. Pigeons have a …

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180,349 Trees Grow in Brooklyn

Actually, it’s more than that. That ridiculously specific number refers to trees that are (a) not located in parks or on private property (in other words, street trees) and (b) have been tagged and recorded by the NYC Department of Parks. Since there are more trees in parks and on private property than there are …

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Literally Greenhouses

I wrote a few months ago about the unsurprising result that New York’s energy benchmarking of existing buildings was showing poor performance by glass curtain walls. Here are a couple of more links on that topics. First, discussion of the situation here in New York from Gensler, which is the largest architectural firm in the …

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Reuse as a Theme

I have a tendency to repeat several messages that I think are important, and I fear that after a while, the repetition may hide or blur the message. But because the messages are important, they’re worth repeating [recent on carbon], so here we go again… The American Institute of Architects recently published a report on …

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Embodied and Maintained

More on Wednesday’s topic… The concepts of embodied energy and embodied carbon don’t just affect how we look at new buildings, they can and should have a big influence on the question of whether to build or renovate. Simply put, it is possible, but not inevitable, that a focus on renovation rather than new construction …

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