Adding Some Utilitas to the Venustas

The pictures above and below were taken on Astor Place. They are parts of the street facade of a loft building constructed for industry in the 1870s and long since converted to other uses. The vast majority of nineteenth-century American “classical” architecture isn’t. That’s not a critique, just recognition of the fact that the classical …

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Window Tracery As Structure

When a structural engineer tells a colleague that they are working on a window restoration project, the colleague might say, “But windows are not a structural element in a building, other than keeping wind and weather out.” That statement is correct; if you remove the windows from a building, the structure still stands. However when …

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Shopping Mall Precursor

A nice old gallery in Brussels. No analysis, just a mediocre picture of a pretty skylight.

Light Underground

That’s a vault light by the Luxcrete Company of England, a descendent of the Luxfer Prism company. As cool as the lenses are, I love the brass letters set in the concrete.

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