Historic Preservation

The Wheel Turns

I’ve mentioned the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava before. I’ll be writing it about it this week because we’ve reached an important milestone: there is once again a roof structure on the damaged building. This is not the first step that has been taken toward restoring the cathedral to use, but it is the …

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Lost, Forgotten, and Transformed

“Buildings lost, forgotten, reimagined and transformed” by Shane Reiner-Roth is a nice short discussion of adaptive reuse and the alternatives. When a building’s original use – its original purpose – is gone, what happens next? It can fall into decay and eventually disappear or it can be reused. As I’ve said before, the best way …

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Right Answer But Questionable Methodology

I agree completely with the premise of Harry Bubbins’s “Small Stores Thrive in Landmark Districts.” There’s a lot of research that suggests that people like historic districts, like to spend time in them, and therefore support businesses in them. Anecdotally, visitors that I know tend to spend their time shopping in the more historic parts …

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The Past of the Future

Because of the blurriness of verb conjugations in English, I don’t remember what all the various tenses are called. Two tenses that specifically apply to preservation work involve time-shifting: when you’re talking about something that happened in the past of a future perspective, and when you’re talking about something that will happen in the future …

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