Historic Preservation

Personal Bias In Preservation

The criteria for determining whether or not a building is historic are a mixture of completely objective and completely subjective. If a structure has to be 50 years old to be considered for a specific category of preservation, then there is no debate to be had: it is that old or it is not. On …

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Famous and Rare or Unknown and Common

Tracey Lindeman’s article “A Modernist Gas Station With a New Purpose” got me thinking about adaptive reuse, which is not surprising since it’s about an adaptive reuse project. That project, where Éric Gauthier took a Mies van Der Rohe gas station in Montreal and turned it into a community center while keeping the basic appearance …

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Around The Edges

Nathan Kensinger’s article in Curbed, “Brooklyn’s most endangered buildings” is depressingly familiar. There are similar articles and watchlists and demo lists every year. Typically some of the buildings are saved and some are lost. Looking at this list, a pattern jumped out at me. None of the structures in question (they’re not all buildings) are …

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The Message Only Becomes More Important Over Time

I feel like I read an article on this topic every month or so, but the repetition is okay. The greenest building is the one that already exists and is reused. Or, as Mark Alan Hewitt puts it in Common Edge: Why Reusing Buildings Should Be the Next Big Thing. Existing buildings vastly outnumber new ones, …

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