Deliberately Unrepaired

The picture above shows some mildly damaged marble. The largest spot of damage could be a spall from a rusting anchor, but it’s not. The smaller chips and indentations are harder to pin down, as they are a form of damage not usually seen. I took this picture last week, but thanks to some historical …

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Still More Stuff

Two new papers have been added to Research, one by me on the origins of structural engineering forensics in the U.S., and one by Gabriel Pardo and Berta de Miguel with a tiny bit of help from me on the intersection of construction history and conservation engineering in New York. The second paper is in …

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A Fourth R

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a green mantra. And it’s a good one – no complaint about it from me. All three options are applicable to the design and construction community: at the very least, reducing waste in design and the building process, reusing buildings, and recycling construction materials. Two recent articles point to an incredibly obvious …

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The Past Through Ruins

Upstate New York has this ancient-empire theme going on. Cities and towns north of the Catskill Mountains and/or west of the Hudson River include Troy, Utica, Rome, Syracuse, Carthage, and Athens. So perhaps it’s fitting that the bridge above, the Schoharie Aqueduct, so much resembles a Roman ruin. Bridges, of course, are not usually built …

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