All In The Context

The archetypical American home is a wood-framed stand-alone house. Despite the growing popularity of apartments, attached townhouses, and other options besides the detached singe-family house, that type still dominates. Using data from the Census Bureau, the estimates are (as of 2017), there are something like 121,560,000 “housing units” in US, of which 76,833,000 are detached, …

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Seemingly Long Ago

“The way it was: Tom Fox’s photos recall pre-Hudson River Park waterfront” by Lincoln Anderson is a great photo essay about the west shore of Manhattan before the current park was built. The park was built in stages in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, after the Westway plan died in 1985. The original docks in …

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The Conclusion Is That There Is No Conclusion

The CTBUH “First Skyscrapers/Skyscraper Firsts” Symposium was a blast. There were three paper sessions followed by a panel responding to what had been said; I got to listen to all the papers and then take part in the panel. There was a general consensus among the presenters – even the ones who favored a specific building as …

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A Little History Gets Complicated

Walking back and forth between our project site at Fort Ticonderoga and the hotel in town has given me the opportunity to see a bit of the town. The picture above is the entrance to the local library, which is obviously a Carnegie Library. While Andrew Carnegie gave money for libraries all over the country, …

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