An Oddity, Probably Doomed

If you spend enough time looking at old buildings in New York (and probably elsewhere) you get used to seeing missing parts. Cornices are removed, window hoods shaved back, interesting ornament is replaced by flat brick or stucco. So my first thought when I look at the little building above, an old bank branch, is …

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Indicative Stripes – Etymology and Intent Edition

Doug Korves asked a few good questions about my recent post on the topic of brick evidence of steel-frame damage. Rather than answer them on LinkedIn, where he asked, I’m going to answer them here on the theory that if he’s interested, other people probably are too. Doug’s first question: Could you expound more on …

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Nothing Is Easy

270 Park Avenue, a late-1950s skyscraper, is currently being demolished. The picture above shows the south side of the building at street level. Those two sentences are just about the only thing that I can say that are undisputed fact, as everything else on this topic is either politically and architecturally fraught or is speculation …

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