Modeling and Understanding, Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 of this series give, I hope, some idea of what I’m talking about. This discussion began with the idea of intuition in engineering and I want to approach it from the investigation side. Unless a building is very simple, you don’t know what it’s structural system is when you start …

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Modeling and Understanding, Part 2

Part 1 is here and provides some context. There’s also a good Twitter thread starting here. There is, for me, no such thing as a blank slate when I investigate an existing structure. It’s not possible for me to start without some kind of assumption about how a building works because I have, over the …

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The Tell-Tale Heart On Nassau Street

Nassau Street is, even by the standards of lower Manhattan, narrow and crooked. Probably for that reason, a lot of old and small buildings have survived there. The building on the right, number 122, is a good example of such a survivor, with some moss on the brick above the storefront’s cornice, and steel plates …

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A Well-Behaved Building Ghost

This missing building is pretty much in line with my previous examples, but there are some interesting details. First, given the width of the lot, I’d guess that there were two small buildings demolished to create that vacant lot. It’s a busy block and always has been: that’s the old Siegel-Cooper Store on the right …

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