The army aerial photography that I’ve been mining covered the entire country, of course, not just New York City. This 1924 shot is labelled “New York – Hudson River”, which isn’t very helpful, but there’s a handwritten note on the matte border (that I cropped) that reads “Storm King Highway.” Storm King is the northernmost …

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Narrow And Dramatic

The American west is always good for dramatic scenery, and human intervention has often made it even more striking. The 1905 picture above is titled “Canyon of the Rio las Animas, Colorado” and it shows a narrow-gauge train on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in the valley. The railroad line I’ve ridden most often …

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Easy To Find

I said yesterday that the Mount Prospect and Ridgewood Reservoirs of the Brooklyn water supply system are long gone, but that’s a simplification. The Mount Prospect reservoir is completely gone, buried under a new park and the Brooklyn Public Library. The Ridgewood reservoir, seen above in a 1909 map, has had an interesting after-life. This …

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Natural and Artificial

This is more or less the same view as my sunset picture, but with a little luck on timing. “E” is the Statue of Liberty, “D” is the American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial, and the two “C”s are planes taking off from Newark Airport. On the other hand, “A” is Jupiter, and “B” is Venus. The …

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