Our Website’s New Look

Websites are interesting things. The web in its current form is thirty years old and commercial use was only allowed in 1993, but in the last 26 years this piece of technology has become our sign, our ad, a simple brochure, and our virtual front door. We have pretty much the same goal as every …

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A Profession Is People

The articles linked below may only be connected in my head, bit they seem to me to be a themed set. First, why do people become engineers? For some it’s a family thing, but for many of us it’s based on inspiration when we’re teens. I’ve mentioned before that the story of the Brooklyn Bridge, …

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The Intersection of Technology, Architecture, and Office Sociology

The modern open-plan office has a long pedigree.  In 1919, Modern Business had this to say on the topic: “There are offices today where everybody, from the president down, is located in one great room. The higher officials are usually separated by railings from the general office. The advantages of such a system are obvious. …

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Not Just The Boy Scouts

Part of the operations management of a city is preparing for crises that never come. Tuesday’s snow storm was, as is visible in this picture, underwhelming. But that’s a salt-spreader truck with a plow, parked almost in front of the Skyscraper Museum, waiting for the call that didn’t happen.

Someone’s Got To Build It

I was fairly surprised to see this article saying that the number of construction workers in the city decreased in 2016. Construction in the city has been at high levels for years, which means construction workers have steady gigs, which traditionally has meant an increase in the number of people in the field. The article …

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