New York

It Looks Familiar: Backwards

Another Batman excerpt, and one that is pretty immediately recognizable: that pediment is the New York Stock Exchange, on the east side of Broad Street just south of Wall Street, and the fluted, square-topped tower is One Wall Street, not quite two short books to the west. Since the NYSE is a low-rise building and …

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Homage And Disappearance

A lot of people who have never been to New York have heard the name “Five Points.” The neighborhood’s fame faded in the second half of the twentieth century, as bigger and more unsettling slums became famous, but the commercial success of the movie The Gangs of New York – a fictional drama based on …

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The Future Coming Soon

I recently took a trip on the Metro-North Railroad and I had a few minutes to kill at Grand Central Terminal. I wandered into the new extension from the terminal to the west, created when One Vanderbilt Avenue was constructed, and found this sign. One Vanderbilt is now the tallest commercial building in midtown, so …

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It Looked Familiar: Back Again

One of the earlier comparisons I made between comics and reality was the appearance of the front entrance to the Tombs in a Daredevil comic. We’re back at the same location, with Clint Barton (not dressed in his Hawkeye costume) leaving in a bad mood. Here’s reality, with a temporary wheelchair ramp: Note that the …

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It Looked Familiar: Triangulation

The caption on the top line adds the confusion of DC Comics starting to use real place names: if this part of a Batman comic is taking place in New York, what is Gotham City? In any case, in the main frame here there ae two reasonably-well known buildings: the building on the far left …

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