New York

The Ratio of Logistics to Design

Most importantly: this is not a project I am connected to in any way professionally. I simply walk by the site every single day, so I’ve taken an interest. West Street is effectively a highway. It has traffic lights, but it’s a major thoroughfare for long-distance travel and it’s an enormous pain for pedestrians to …

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Against Stereotype

That bucolic scene is not what most people think of when they hear “the Bronx” but that is where it is. A slightly foggy morning last week. Per yesterday’s discussion of density, the Bronx has roughly 35,000 people per square mile, against Manhattan’s 73,000, the US weighted urban density of 6321, and the US metropolitan …

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Sometimes Quantitative Is Qualitative

That incredible graphic is courtesy of The Pudding, using data from the Global Human Settlement Layer to show population density. The height of each line is proportional to the number of people living in the area. There are other high-density clusters in the world, but this view of the eastern US makes a point that …

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