New York

Deliberately Unrepaired

The picture above shows some mildly damaged marble. The largest spot of damage could be a spall from a rusting anchor, but it’s not. The smaller chips and indentations are harder to pin down, as they are a form of damage not usually seen. I took this picture last week, but thanks to some historical …

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Accidental Views

As it happens, the best view of the Chrysler Building from the street is randomly from the northeast, over the roofs of some very old tenements on Third Avenue. I have to believe that sooner or later that group of buildings will be demolished and something bigger built there, but it’s also true that view …

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A Different Angle

There are certain views of the New York skyline that are so common that they qualify as clichés. The most common are due east from New Jersey looking at midtown or downtown, due west from Queens looking at midtown, and due west from Brooklyn Heights looking at downtown. North from the harbor, looking at downtown, …

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It Seemed Fancy When Haussmann Did It

“Three Scars Through Lower Manhattan Tell The Story Of The Birth Of Car Culture” by Josh Fruhlinger tells a good story, although the headline (which was not necessarily written by Mr. Fruhlinger) is a bit misleading. The scars from car culture are everywhere in Manhattan, in a difficult to see form: the driving roadbed of …

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