Old Structures Engineering

We’re Hiring

We’re looking for an engineer. If you are (or know) a structural engineer with 0 to 2 years experience, send us a resume here: Apply for a job. The title is “design engineer”, but given the size of our firm and the collaborative way we work, we all do a little of everything. The full …

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Belvedere Castle

I’ve written a bunch of blog posts about this project and it has now reached its logical end-point: our work is done and the Central Park Conservancy has announced the re-opening of the building in ten days. The summary: a folly original to the park, later turned into a weather station, then abandoned, then turned …

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Our Website’s New Look

Websites are interesting things. The web in its current form is thirty years old and commercial use was only allowed in 1993, but in the last 26 years this piece of technology has become our sign, our ad, a simple brochure, and our virtual front door. We have pretty much the same goal as every …

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Construction In Progress

Yes, our website is undergoing some changes, which I’ll discuss at length soon. In the meanwhile, things may look funny for a few days. Feel free to email me if you’re having trouble with the site. If you read the site on a phone, it’s almost certainly looking very strange right now…to be fixed shortly.

Progress Is Always Exciting

Our project at Belvedere Castle has been moving along nicely. The AEC team – the Central Park Conservancy, Graciano, 53 Restorations, Indus Architects, and OSE – have been moving along with surprisingly few delays caused by site conditions. The showy part of the project is, of course, the fake-ruined castle that is the centerpiece of …

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