The Wheel Turns

I’ve mentioned the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava before. I’ll be writing it about it this week because we’ve reached an important milestone: there is once again a roof structure on the damaged building. This is not the first step that has been taken toward restoring the cathedral to use, but it is the …

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Art Imitating Life

Gotham City, where Batman resides, has been a funhouse-mirror reflection of New York for 80 years. Even the name is a reference to New York. Gotham is dark, with narrow alleys fronted by ornate (possibly over-ornate) tall buildings. The ledges and roofs of those buildings, of course, give Batman a place to stand and look …

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Lucy Moses Award: Child’s Restaurant, Coney Island

The last project we want to mention with regard to this year’s Lucy Moses Awards is Child’s Restaurant. It’s a New York City Landmark on the historic and just-landmarked Coney Island Boardwalk. It was designed in 1923 by Dennison & Hiron, in the Spanish Colonial Revival style with sea-creatures in the terra cotta details. Originally opened …

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Lucy Moses Award: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

The church, completed circa 1837, was the first of the English-parish-style Gothic churches built in this country, and guided builders of other churches in this style. The land for the church was donated by Clement Clarke Moore, best known for his poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” and St. Peter’s was the center of the …

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