That’s a project we’re working on in Newark – the Ballantine House – where we are assisting Building Conservation Associates with repairs to the facade and front portico. If it doesn’t look quite like a construction project…there’s a story there. (All photos taken by Tim Michiels on site.) If you look at the schedule of …

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General And Specific

If you want the issues involved in engineering work for historic buildings explained clearly and succinctly, I strongly suggest watching Margaret Cooke‘s lecture from earlier this week, delivered as she received the Milne Medal from the IABSE British Group. I had the pleasure of meeting her not quite three years ago, and our discussion then …

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The Plus Side

We’re all so used to discussing the negatives of cast iron that it’s easy to overlook the positives. The pictures are from a facade restoration project where we’re assisting Martina Bacarella Architect. The building was constructed around 1899, and a lot of the lower-floor ornament is cast iron rather than the stone that would have been …

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A Double-Take In The Subway

Over the last couple of years, the MTA has been replacing the old frames for paper ads in subway station – basically miniature billboards – with screens that can rotate between ads, maps, and service announcements. The future is now, or some such. In any case, I was in the Bowling Green station waiting for …

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Bragging, Too

If half of our projects are restorations where our work should be invisible, what’s the other half? Alterations on old buildings, where our work is neither intended to be hidden nor showcased, but simply part of the process. The unglamorous construction photo above shows work on the Rugby Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, an …

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