Another Popular Oddity

That’s the Turn-of-River Bridge in Stamford, Connecticut. (Photo courtesy of Magicpiano.) Putting aside anything I have to say about the structure, that’s a fantastic name for a bridge. It’s (obviously) quite small and has been converted from a road bridge to a footbridge on a trail, but it’s looking okay for a neglected 1893 bridge. …

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Engineering Visible

Structural engineering for buildings may be generally hidden, but there are a lot of exceptions. I’ll exclude exposed wood joists in small buildings from being exceptions since those buildings were not, until relatively recently, designed by engineers. But, for example, plenty of concrete factories have exposed structure (albeit opaque structure that is difficult for non-engineers …

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The spidery-thin bridge structures I’ve highlighted here have mostly been trusses of various types. Here’s a spidery suspension bridge: not only are the cables thin (it’s a shortish span) but so are the stiffening truss members and, notably, the truss-work towers. It’s the old bridge over the Little Colorado River at Cameron, Arizona. Unfortunately, HAER …

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Healthy Competition

There is never a single answer in structural engineering. There are multiple answers to any design problem and the trick is to find one that works, in terms of design criteria, buildability, economics, and coordination with design factors other than structure. With that in mind, I absolutely love the magazine page above. It’s page iv …

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