I’ve got questions about the 1899 Amory-Bigbee Bridge over the Tombigbee River in Mississippi that will likely never be answered. This is, to date, the demolished bridge presented here that I most wish still existed. It was demolished around 1960, after a new bridge was constructed nearby, and the brief description in a HAER report …

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Ambient Technology

The trap when talking about things is to talk about the superlatives: the biggest ship, the longest bridge, the tallest tower, and so on. Those things are interesting but they get talked about all the time. As much as I like the Empire State Building, I’m pretty sure that if no one wrote anything new …

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Inherently Limited But Pretty

That lovely bridge has the lovely name “Strawberry Mansion Bridge,” after a historic house nearby. The bridge spans the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, at Fairmont Park; the mansion is within the modern park. The bridge is a steel deck-arch, where the traffic passes entirely over the arches. This is a modern interpretation of the type …

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Going Maybe Too Far

This bridge, opened in 1897 and replaced in 1923, has an appealing name: it was the Free Bridge, carrying Little Rock’s Main Street across the Arkansas River. The name was descriptive of a crossing rather than inspirational: the purpose of the bridge was to provide free crossings. It was replaced, as was so common in …

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