An Extreme Rarity

That picture was taken in a theater attic. The diagonals on the upper right are portions of the timber-framed roof; the wall separates the auditorium area from the lobby. It’s the thing embedded in the wall that is rare and odd. In short, that’s the end of a long-span steel truss (over the auditorium, on …

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Not Quite Familiar

That’s the el in the Chicago Loop, looking photogenic, as it always does. There’s no great difference between the el and the elevated portions of the NYC subway, particularly since some of the elevated subways were built as els before the subways were built and later repurposed. But styles vary among engineers, and the NYC …

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Failure Portrait: Extreme Rusting

There’s a lot going on that picture – wet mud in the basement and heavy-timber shoring being the most obvious – but there’s also a truly remarkable piece of weathering. The round column to the right of the timber shoring post is an old-fashioned lally column, which is to say a steel pipe filled with …

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Unfortunately Altered

The last of our Boston trip… That picturesque little bridge is in the Public Garden. As far as I can tell it doesn’t have a name, which is fitting, since it is described in some places as the “world’s shortest suspension bridge.” I don’t know if there are any shorter suspension bridges or how to …

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