The Modern World, 1914

The south Bronx building above is a milk processing factory, more specifically the “Sheffield Farms Milk Plant” at Webster Avenue and 166th Street. The building has a reinforced-concrete frame – still fairly new technology at the time – and curtain walls of terra-cotta and brick. The most interesting thing about it is the degree to …

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Ambient Technology

The trap when talking about things is to talk about the superlatives: the biggest ship, the longest bridge, the tallest tower, and so on. Those things are interesting but they get talked about all the time. As much as I like the Empire State Building, I’m pretty sure that if no one wrote anything new …

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Two Transportation Technologies

That picture is the steamer Falls City passing High Bridge, Kentucky, circa 1907. The bridge carries trains on the line between Lexington and Danville through a fairly rural area; the nearest town is named High Bridge. The Kentucky River is in a deep gorge here – the bridge, at some 300 feet above the river, …

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