Simultaneous Developments

That picture shows the condition of a terra-cotta cornice on a steel-framed apartment house that I was examining some 23 years ago. You can’t see the cornice proper, which is above the frame of the picture; the big curved piece of terra cotta that occupies most of the shot is a decorative bracket below the …

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Our Website’s New Look

Websites are interesting things. The web in its current form is thirty years old and commercial use was only allowed in 1993, but in the last 26 years this piece of technology has become our sign, our ad, a simple brochure, and our virtual front door. We have pretty much the same goal as every …

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Mass Production and Beauty

There are long treatises on the topic of the aesthetics of the machine age, starting in the nineteenth century and working their way up to the present. That topic includes everything from the precisionists to steampunk. Great stuff, but not what I want to talk about. The machine-made mass production of architectural elements in the …

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