Aptly Named

The last travelogue photo from my recent trip north… This was shot from the train as we were heading up the Hudson last Tuesday. The mountain is Storm King and he’s more or less ripping a cloud in half. I’ve seen him do that in all sorts of weather – my favorite is in the …

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If you have to travel for a site visit, spending a day in the Adirondacks is about as good as it gets.

Touristing At Home

I tend to focus very tightly while inspecting a building, but sometimes I’ll be somewhere – like a low-rise roof on the Lower East Side – and look up. That’s the north half of the Financial District and the Civic Center in the middle. The tall curved red-brick building on the left faces Chatham Square, …

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From Close Up

I mentioned before that differences in zoning have led to rather drastic differences in development between the adjoining cities of Hoboken and Jersey City. The pleasant street scene above is in downtown Hoboken looking south, the new towers in the distance are in Jersey City. The difference is even more dramatic when you’re on foot …

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That’s the last of my Providence photos and it’s quite the cliché: it’s the view from my hotel room window. On the lower left is the Tilden-Thurber Building. What strikes me about this picture is how obviously American the view is. Nearly all of the buildings visible are over one hundred years, which makes them …

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