It Looked Familiar, Part 3

A romanesque church next door to an Art Deco apartment house is not really very rare in New York but this is a famous block. The building on the right is 55 Central Park West, which was made famous by the original Ghostbusters. Note that the top of the building in the movie is special …

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Changing Tastes

The main observation deck at the Empire State isn’t the very top, the 102nd floor. That’s a basically a drum with windows. The main observation deck is the 86th floor, where there’s an outdoor terrace and indoor space. The last time I was there – admittedly, some years ago – there was a souvenir stand …

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Signs of the Times

The picture above illustrates nicely why I prefer “fall” to “autumn.” As for the picture below… When New York started to re-open after the spring Covid shut-down, the MTA put up social distancing signs in the subway. Most of them look like flat-soled shoes, as seen on the right. Some do not. I’m not sure …

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