Accidental Views

As it happens, the best view of the Chrysler Building from the street is randomly from the northeast, over the roofs of some very old tenements on Third Avenue. I have to believe that sooner or later that group of buildings will be demolished and something bigger built there, but it’s also true that view …

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A Different Angle

There are certain views of the New York skyline that are so common that they qualify as clichés. The most common are due east from New Jersey looking at midtown or downtown, due west from Queens looking at midtown, and due west from Brooklyn Heights looking at downtown. North from the harbor, looking at downtown, …

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Originally Unexpected And Now Normal

New York subway cars have carried advertising since, I believe, the beginning. Since the early 1990s, some of the ad space has been used for the MTA’s “Poetry in Motion” program, which reprints short poems and excepts of long ones. I’ve been reading them since they first appeared and my anecdotal view is that the …

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A Subway Ventilator

Put this in the “can’t leave well enough alone” category. I took the picture above because I thought it was visually interesting. It’s a ventilator at the Astor Place station on the Lexington Avenue line, which means it’s part of the original 1904 subway. (Obviously, it’s been rehabbed since – you can see repairs to …

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